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How 886.co.nz came about…

This website is the result of a lengthy conversation on the Facebook “The Genuine Tokoroa Page”.

People taking part on the conversation thought it would be a good idea to celebrate Tokoroa and the people who live here, and who have lived here, by having a “Tokoroa Day”.

Then the idea came up to use Internet video feeds to link Tokoroa people together on Tokoroa Day, wherever they are in the world.  Setting up two-way live Internet video connections between Tokoroa and places like Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth might mean the number of people celebrating Tokoroa Day could be doubled, or even trebled.

886 also came up in the conversation, which, as most people from Tokoroa will know, is our telephone number prefix. So the date and time for Tokoroa Day was set at 8th August  – starting at 6pm (or 6am if people really get behind the idea).

Where we are heading with Tokoroa Day

An enthusiastic Facebook conversation is one thing, but turning that into Tokoroa Day 2013 is a different matter.

An initial Public meeting took place on 5th September 2012.

CLICK HERE for the latest Meeting Notes or click on the “MEETING NOTES” menu option on the right hand side of this page and navigate from there.

The next Public Meeting details are as follows:


NEXT MEETING: Wednesday 5th December, Tokoroa High School Staffroom, 6pm-8.00pmALL WELCOME


Since the initial meeting the project has evolved into a 3-day event (still subject to change).

The target dates are 1/11/2013 (Friday) to 3/11/2013 (Sunday).

The intention is to record as much as possible of the event and upload it to YouTube. That way people in places like the UK could see a “delayed” broadcast. And the recordings would provide a valuable record or the Tokoroa community for many years to come.

Anyway, that’s the idea.

Whether it happens that way depends on how much support there is from the Tokoroa community.

So, if you’re interested in taking part in the Tokoroa Day project, please let us know by completing and sending the form below. We will be in about the next meeting once we have a confirmed venue.

And, if you have a Facebook account, please leave a comment using the Facebook link at the bottom of the page to help spread the word.


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